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Become a Keyboard Jedi

The art of the keyboard shortcut was lost to most users with the introduction and mass acceptance of using a mouse. There was no need to memorize keystrokes, instead you could just point and click your way through visually.

Keyboard shortcuts never went away. Most people just learned to use a computer with a mouse so never needed to learn the shortcuts, you'd be amazed at how much time you can save with a few keyboard shortcut.

Below we list some of our favourite keyboard shortcuts, some of these are universal and some are application specific.

Universal Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL+C - This is the quick way to "copy" pretty much anything that you have selected.

  • CTRL+X - This let's you cut your selection.

  • CTRL+V - And this is the perfect pairing to a CTRL+V or CTRL+C as it it will "paste" your previous copy or cut.

  • CTRL+Z - Probably the most used keyboard shortcut. A quick strike of these keys will "undo" your last action. You'd be surprised where you can use this!

  • CTRL+Y - The next best friend of CTRL+Z, this let's you "redo" something that you just used the "undo" command for.

  • CTRL+F - Open a "search" function in pretty much every application you use.


  • CTRL+E - Will let you search for keywords in all of your notebooks, tabs, and pages.


  • CTRL+ : - This will insert the current date into your selected cell. No need to check your calendar!

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