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Setting your "Open for Business" hours

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Just like a business that proclaims when they are "open for business" you can also do this for those your work with and it's built right into Outlook.

This is actually one of those easy to do settings that really should be part of on-boarding any organization. The more accurate information we can give our colleagues the better we all can be at scheduling appropriately and limiting the back and forth coordination emails.

In out look your set your open for business time by adjusting the "Work time" function in the Options menu for Outlook. Just follow the steps below and you'll be setup in no time:

  1. Click File

  2. Click Options

  3. Locate Calendar in the left panel of the Options window and click on it

  4. In the Work time section adjust the start and end for your day. You can also change work week days and a few other options

  5. Click OK when you are done

Now when a colleague looks at your calendar they will see a grey area for time that is outside your work time. There is even an option where someone coordinating a meeting can view times ONLY within everyone's work time.


Add bookends to your day to make sure that you really show your work time when someone is viewing your availability.


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